A strong, pain-free, and high-performing body thanks to our functional bodybuilding and mobility program, led by coaches who will guide you through every step of your training, regardless of your initial fitness level.

Hey there, 👋 future hybrid athlete,

We get it — it's a total grind.

Trying to morph your body feels like scaling Everest.

Everywhere you turn, there's talk of miracle diets, "groundbreaking" workout routines, and magic supplements.

It's confusing and, let's be real, downright exhausting.

You're constantly asking yourself: Should I be carb cycling? Going keto?

Trying out intermittent fasting? HIIT or LISS? 🤔

And that supplements aisle? It's a maze promising the world.


Most folks get lost in this storm of conflicting info, trying everything but mastering nothing.

Their fitness journey turns into chaos, a Bermuda Triangle where motivation vanishes. 💔

But you? You're different.

You're not here to just daydream about an ideal body.

You're aiming for a real transformation.

Not just a surface-level change, but a full-on revolution that brings confidence, vitality, and energy from dawn till dusk.

Imagine having a physique that's not just about looks, but reflects your inner strength and resilience.

Think about the doors that open when you're at your best: playing with your kids without running out of breath, embarking on outdoor adventures that once felt out of reach, enjoying a vibrant social life because you feel great in your skin.

It all starts with making smart choices.

Not a confusing mix of everything fitness has to offer, but a custom plan that's all you. 💪

Welcome to your fitness transformation journey, where the only thing you'll shed besides fat is doubt, and what you'll gain is so much more than muscle.

Ready to change your life?

Let's dive in! ⚡

Escape the circle


😤 Finding it hard to shed fat and looking for a workout plan that not only appeals to you but also one you can stick to, all while feeling like you're running in circles?

😓 Feeling fit but just can't seem to drop those last 5 to 10 kilos of fat no matter how much cardio you cram into your week?

😰 Caught in the cycle of being "skinny fat" or simply overweight, wanting to lose fat while boosting your strength and muscle?

🤯 Already experienced with training but utterly bored out of your mind?

Hold up, you've landed in the perfect spot!

Before / After




Slide right into a program that dances to the rhythm of your life, not the other way around.

With 3 to 6 sessions a week ranging from 45 to 75 minutes, we've got a spot just for you – whether you're just stepping into the fitness world or you're ready to level up.

Dive into our special blend of strength, mobility, and optional active recovery & running sessions. It’s like your favorite smoothie but for muscles, keeping you moving forward without the burnout.

What's on the fitness menu?

You will…

🚀 Embark on a thrilling adventure: we operate in 10-week cycles, where we explore 2-week mini-phases. We build you up from the ground up and watch you transform and perform during Max Effort Week!

We switch things up with a refreshed hybrid training mix, keeping your workout playlist exciting and those fitness plateaus at bay.

🔄 Be able to customise everything to your life's rhythm, available equipment, and your skill level. With our guidance, you'll never second-guess your next move.

🌟 Enjoy guidance as smooth as your morning coffee: Starting is as easy as pressing play. We're here to light the way, showing you the ropes from day one.

💪 Get ready to mix it up! Through the seasons, we'll introduce you to a buffet of training flavors— from endurance and strength peaks to gymnastics, weightlifting, and even sprinting dashes.

🧠 Overcome those mental hurdles: You'll learn to smash through the blocks keeping you from consistent success.

🔍 Sharpen your focus: Inject your workouts and life with clear PURPOSE & VISION for unstoppable motivation and drive.

👀 Meet the new you: Look in the mirror with pride. Say goodbye to doubts and hello to a confident, goal-smashing superstar. No excuses, just results!

Join the unrelenting tribe of men now who are ready to fight this battle with you.




The Hybrid Pump™ App

  • Instant access to the daily workouts and mobility routines right from your smartphone
  • Track your cycles and measure your progress. Easily access timers and other features
  • Engage in friendly competition with your Club peers and earn points on the leaderboard as a reward for your progress
Meets with the team

Coaching Calls

  • Get your questions answered live in interactive Q&A sessions
  • Share your successes and learn from others
  • Immediate access to personalized expert advice aligned with your objectives

Private in-app Community

  • Connect with other like-minded guys from all over the world
  • Maintain focus and responsibility towards achieving your goals
  • Get access to exclusive events only available to the Club

Meet The Team


Functional Bodybuilding Coach


Hey there! I'm Quentin, deeply passionate about physical and mental development, and everything related to becoming a better person every day through sports and mindset. I'm the founder of Hybrids Training Club.

I've been training for over 12 years now. Initially, my main goal was to get stronger and more efficient on the field while playing American football.

Mobility Coach


Hey! I'm Damien, an enthusiastic athlete passionate about training and sharing, eager to pass on everything I learn from my journey.

I've been an athlete since I was 5, always immersed in sports, but not just training for the sake of it. I delved into the world of fitness to elevate my body to a level 2.0, aiming to make no movement off-limits.

I played soccer for 18 years and even spent four years working in the field, which resulted in the corresponding physique: tall, slim, and lean. I had a shapeless body with the joint pains that come from long-term repetitive sports practice—my ankles, knees, and hips were weak. That's why I sought out the best methods to eliminate these issues.

CrossFit Coach


Hey there, I'm Nico, a coach at Hybrids Training Club. Having been an athlete since my youth, I quickly realized the connection between mental and physical health.

Noticing the benefits on my mindset and body, I decided in 2019 to get certified as a fitness coach to share my passion and knowledge after training solo for 5 years. Travel has also been a significant part of my life; it has opened my mind and allowed me to learn about other cultures, lifestyles, and training methods.





Are you prepared to regain control of your fitness journey? This is your chance to be part of an elite group of individuals focused on achieving their peak physical condition. If this aligns with your goals, the time to move forward is now — before the opportunity passes by…


47€ / mo

  • Get instant access to the HYBRID PUMP™ app & community
  • Unlock your program and get your dream functional physique
  • Join a tribe of like-minded brothers and sisters
  • Weekly coaching sessions with Quentin and the coaches
  • 47€ per month instead of 69€

On demand

  • Connect one-on-one with your dedicated coach and benefit from their 24/7 support.
  • Instantly access the HYBRID PUMP™️ app and community.
  • Set your goals and evolve your hybrid training and nutrition program with your coach.
  • Unlock your 100% personalized program and transform your physique without pain.
  • Join a tribe that shares the same values.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ideally, access to a functional gym, like CrossFit/Cross-training, or a commercial gym (On Air, Fitness Park, etc.) is great. However, many of our members start training from home, quickly finding that their rapid strength gains necessitate investing in more weights to meet their progression needs! Keep in mind, you'll have the option to customize your workout with your available equipment through the "swap exercise" feature in the app.

It's always beneficial to have some foundational experience (3-6 months in a gym), like being able to perform several push-ups in a row and at least one pull-up. That said, some of our members have started without being able to do pull-ups and, within the first few weeks, managed to do five in a row! The app's big advantage is that you can substitute any exercise based on your level or equipment, so you're all set, my friend!

We don't believe in diet plans; we focus on nutritional education. You'll learn what and when to eat, as well as how to do it, to maintain a healthy and lasting relationship with food. The goal is to develop healthy and sustainable eating habits over time.

We follow an incredibly simple and effective protocol. This approach is largely based on intermittent fasting (first meal around noon), reaching the appropriate number of calories and protein level. Thus, you can enjoy the foods you love without too much restriction (flexible & clean approach). You'll be able to customize your intake based on your stats and goals.

To be honest, many programs fail because they don't focus on the variables and levers that truly matter. Once you join the Club, there's only room for progress. After the first two weeks, you'll see a dramatic increase in your strength levels. You'll also become more toned and athletic.

You've likely seen miraculous offers for magical 30-day programs. I won't lie; that's nonsense. Transformation doesn't happen overnight. However, over three months, you'll start to see initial results and have established new habits—the first step. Once you've ingrained this routine, the long-term results will shine through. Consistency pays off in treating both body and mind. Give yourself time, be patient, but consistent, and we promise, we will change your life.

Before making a commitment, you have the option to book a free consultation with a coach from our team. This allows us to better understand your needs, expectations, and goals, and to offer the most suitable solution. Here's the link to book your session with me if needed: 👉🏼 [FREE ASSESSMENT CALL]